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The Weakonomist is as cheap as can be and doesn’t normally pay for things he can get for free.  However The Weakonomist has learned over the last year that many people are willing to pay for something they can get for free.  Podcasts, websites, and even musicians are embracing a model where their most devout fans are willing to donate to help support what they love.  The way it works is the content is free as it has always been, however if someone chooses to support the site financially they can.

Some mainstream (relatively) examples of this are Consumerist, TWiT , and Nine Inch Nails

But I realize creating a tip jar will entice probably less than 1% of my audience to donate, so I’ve created some incentives that might grab another 2% or more.  If you donate certain amounts, I will use the resources available to The Weakonomist to make sure the world knows how great you are.  With each tier, you get everything else that comes on the tiers under it as well.  Here is the current tier structure of donations:

  • $2: Donating this amount will get my undying appreciation and I will say whatever you want me to on Twitter.
  • $10: Not only do you get a tweet, but you’ll also get a minimum 500 word post on Weakonomics about how great you are.
  • $50: This gets you a 30 minute conversation with The Weakonomist over Skype. We can talk about me, you, me, or anything else that makes you tingle (that’s me).
  • $1,000: I put this up here just because you’d have to be insane to donate this much to Weakonomics.  However there are crazy people other there.  So just in case: Donating $1,000 or more will get an in-person visit from me if you’re within a 2 hour drive of where I live.  I suggest you contact me privately before making the donation so we can make arrangements or seek alternatives.  Larger donations might net you a flight to your area, if you live some place cool.

If that wasn’t enough to entice you to donate to Weakonomics then I don’t know what will!  Actually, there is one more bonus to may get some more donations.  Half of all your donations will go to a cause of my choosing.  Yes every $2 donation to Weakonomics sends $1 to a non-profit.  The donations will be made at the end of each year and I’ll do a post about it and how much was donated.  If the program is successful I’ll perhaps create a widget that tracks donations.

At every $1,000 interval (of non-profit money so $2,000 total) I will announce a new non-profit.  The first organization to receive funds from Weakonomics will be the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Finance Literacy.  Started in 1995, Jump$tart seeks to encourage parents, educators, and governments to promote financial literacy from a young age.  Not only do they work to spread financial literacy in schools, they also create materials for school systems to use in the educational efforts.  Remember financial literacy is a very important part of Weakonomics, and it starts at a young age.  I haven’t decided on the next source to donate, however it might be the Humane Society.  Perhaps after that I’ll open it up to the readers to choose.

The following is a plain English disclaimer

Your donation to is not a tax deductible donation. Weakonomics is a company that seeks to earn a profit after expenses and is not a charity. You make this donation because you enjoy Weakonomics and want to support it. 50% of all donations to are donated to the current non-profit of The Weakonomist’s choice. Announcements of the donation will be made annually, after the conclusion of a given calendar year.  I reserve the right to hold off on donations until the $1,000 threshold is met.

To verify that you do indeed qualify for my little treats you must contact me from the email address used in the donation on Paypal.  Please tell me when you donated, how much you donated, and if you have any other requests.  Once I verify the donation I will reply to your email and hash out any arrangements.  If you do not contact me I will assume you are just happy to donate, and expect nothing in return.


Twitter: I will not saying anything inflammatory.  The Weakonomist gets final approval of all tweets.
Blog: I write the minimum 500 word post.  You can review it before the post goes up, again final decision on content goes to The Weakonomist
Skype: We will schedule something.
Visit or other plans: We’ll hash this out, but it would probably happen on a Saturday or Sunday.  The meeting will be in a public place.
Current Non-Profit For Planned Donations:

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