Contribute: Are you a blogger, writer, or interested in starting a blog? We would love to have guests share their content with the world.

Here are the guidelines.  Guest posts don’t necessarily reflect the opinions of The Weakonomist.  Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t, sometimes I think the writer is an idiot, sometimes I don’t care.  The point of them is for you to be aware of different views around the interwebs.

Now there are a number of reasons I may allow a guest post.

  • I really like the post
  • I really hate the post
  • The opinion is against mine
  • The opinion is in line with mine
  • I have nothing to post that day

Perhaps there are more, who knows?

So are you interested in submitting a guest post?  If you have a blog I will link back to it if the post is used.  Please email me your idea for a post (NOT THE ACTUAL POST!).  If I like the idea I will reply and ask for the full post.  If I like that I will email you back and let you know when to expect it on Weakonomics.

If pictures are appropriate, then I will add them at my discretion.  If you have a picture of your own to use, upload it to Flickr as Creative Commons and send me the link.

There are no guaruntees your stuff will get posted, if I don’t reply to your submission within a week, assume it will not be posted.  Also, please make the subject of your submission email “Guest Post On Weakonomics”.  This will make it easier for me.

Finally, and this is important, I am an editor by title and not by trade.  It is highly unlikely I will edit your post at all.  Grammar problems, spelling issues, and all around English failing are a reflection of your writing skills.  There is no rough draft, what you send me is what I post, unless I reply back asking for polishing (I probably won’t).

Sponsor: Weakonomics is sponsored by The Weakonomist and his alter ego Philip. We would love to share hosting expenses with a sponsor. If you are a responsible organization (The Weakonomist will determine) please contact me at philip [at]  Please understand that all links will be nofollow links.

Sponsored Posts: If you do not represent a blog with no financial agenda and still wish to post on Weakonomics, you may talk to me about purchasing a sponsored guest post.  You will be purchasing space on my blog to share something with my readers you think they will benefit from. This space will involve a nofollow link.  It must be clear between you and I that our relationship does not exist to benefit your Google search ranking SEO nonsense.  You want your link on my site because you think my readers will enjoy your product.

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