The special features of Weakonomics are recurring segments discussed on the blog.  Click on the links to be taken to a directory of all posts under that segment.

College of Weakonomics
A never ending collection of short courses are various topics that pertain to Weakonomics.  Courses range from basic government spending (Weakon 117) to advanced topics like short selling (Weakon 435).

Weaky Awards
Because no dumb deed should go unnoticed, we established the Weaky Awards in order to honor those that made money mistakes so you don’t have to.

Weakonomics Tour of the Country
Join me as we visit each state in the USA, talk about their economy, and I give it a nickname.

The Weeks
Some topics just can’t be covered in a day because there is so much to discuss.  Once in a while I’ll devote an entire week to an issue we should all be more informed about.  At the end of each week, I explain where I stand.

Global Warming Week (5 Posts)

Tax Week (5 Posts)

Universal Healthcare Week (6 Posts)

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