My name is The Weakonomist (yep, that’s me there) and I live somewhere on the east coast of the US.  On this website and others I refer to myself as “The Weakonomist”.  My family just calls me “The” though.

About Me: Who I am is not that important.  Much like a voiceover actor for animations, what that person does outside the studio is irrelevant so long as the cartoon is good.   This blog is written anonymously and perhaps The Economist (no relation) explains it best:

“The main reason for anonymity, however, is a belief that what is written is more important than who writes it. As Geoffrey Crowther, editor from 1938 to 1956, put it, anonymity keeps the editor “not the master but the servant of something far greater than himself. You can call that ancestor-worship if you wish, but it gives to the paper an astonishing momentum of thought and principle.”
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What I Know: My academic training is in finance and information technology.  I’ve taken enough economics coursework to be dangerous but much of my knowledge at this point just comes from being a participant in the finance/economics community.

Topics on this blog range from personal finance to hardcore economics and just about anything that has to do with how people make decisions.  The focus is more on entertainment and conversation than activism or controversy.

Disclaimer: I freely admit that I do not know everything about finance and economics. I don’t do the best grammar or spelling, nor do I spend much time proofreading. There will be opinions presented on this website. They are my opinions and my opinions only. They do not represent anyone but me (they might not even represent me). I am not a financial adviser, but I am probably smarter than yours (and have managed money).

Availability: I am available for freelance writing in my usual Weakonomics style.  However I have also written about my topics in a more serious and direct tone.  If you are interested in a working relationship between your medium and mine, please contact my agent below (OK it’s just me).

Contact Info:

Email:  Philip [at] weakonomics [dot] com

Twitter: @The_Weakonomist

Facebook: Philip Weakonomist

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