Long time readers are all too aware that my posting has fallen off a cliff over the last year. Like many blogs, we tend to come and go. When Weakonomics started back in 2008, I hadn’t been out of college for very long. The financial crises and recession were in full swing, and my worlds of finance and economics collided. Coupled with the free time I had, Weakonomics just made sense.

Everyone who starts a blog secretly hopes it will take off and they can just write full time. I’m not a writer, I’m quite awful at it, but even I thought those same things.

So the time has come to formally announce something that’s already happened, I’m no longer going to be posting at any regular intervals. The primary reason for this is the availability of free time.

Weakonomics Free Time

The chart is obviously not drawn to scale.  But as you can see, life happened. And it’s been a great one so far. But as many are aware, a hobby when you’re single and just out of college is a lot easier to do than a married guy with a kid, and a demanding but enjoyable career. The other side of the coin is motivation.  As my actual career took off and became enjoyable and rewarding, the idea of a hobby that’s in a similar field has soured on me.

Some of the skills I’ve developed with Weakonomics like researching, framing arguments, and chart-building, are skills I use every single day in my real job.  My understanding of the world has been shaped by the need to post, to try and explain, or try to understand, how something works.  Weakonomics has been a fantastic journey and I thank you for coming with me.  But for the foreseeable future (and recent history), it’s time to move on.

Don’t expect me to be too sad about it, that’s not rational.

You can still find me on Twitter, where I am fairly active.  I’ll continue to post when the mood strikes me, and I see no reason to just take the site down for now.  And of course, there are over 2,000 posts in the archive for you to read.

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