Earlier this week, a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showed that 70% of people polled don’t know or aren’t sure who Janet Yellen is. Of the 30% who have, most had a neutral or positive view of her.


Before the financial crisis I’d suspect that most people hadn’t heard of Alan Greenspan either. Just by the timing of his job, most people probably know of Ben Bernanke. Alliterative names are always memorable.

We have all seen the headlines about jobs and a strengthening economy. The recovery is doing quite well. People are finding opportunities out there now and aren’t as concerned with the macroeconomy. The leaders of the Federal Reserve, Treasury, and other regulators and organizations should be vaguely familiar to most people. But that’s it. These jobs should operate in the background, and only pop out in a crisis.

One can only hope that they will continue to be obscure.

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