Amazon, Yelp, movies, video games, even the App Store. Everything has reviews. And the five star system is one of the most well recognized out there. We love reviews of things we want to purchase because it makes us feel more informed and confident about our decisions. Whether this translates into greater satisfaction would be the subject of a good study.

But this system is deceptive. We tend to think of something greater than 3 stars as pretty good. 4 stars is about all I would need to say this thing is good. But is 4 stars really that good?

Think back to your schooling days. 4/5 stars is the same thing as saying 80%. Depending on your school that was at best a B- and before college that would have been a C for me. Do you really want to purchase a B- product? On the same scale 3 stars is a D- or F. That’s hardly a good score.

That’s how the stars are misleading. First of all, they’re stars, which we love. The only thing better would be hearts. But even stars take us back to our schooling days.

4/5 stars? You could do better.

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