It’s well documented that smoking rates in the United States are down considerably. But there are still millions of people that smoke. That’s their choice and most of these smokers fully understand the risks they are taking at this point. One of the reasons smoking is in decline has been a cultural shift away from the thinking that smoking is somehow “cool”. Many states have enacted laws that make it more difficult to smoke in public places. And as a result these areas are much nicer for us non-smokers. There’s much to complain about in the act or behavior of smoking, but there is one thing they get right.

Smokers know how to take a break.

If you’re like me, you work in some kind of office building and have a desk. Some days, I only leave my desk to get food out of the kitchen or go to the restroom. I won’t even leave my floor, much less the building. Our brains were’ meant for that kind of monotony. We need breaks. When I do take a break, I may not even leave my desk. On the rare occasion I leave the building there are always a few smokers outside doing absolutely nothing but enjoying their cigarette. These people know what breaks are all about.

Stepping outside to enjoy a cigarette may seem like a simple act, but compare that to your routine. Do you stop once an hour and just take in what the world has to offer? I don’t. That’s no reason to start smoking. But perhaps stepping outside from work and pretending to smoke a cigarette isn’t a bad idea.

Image: Ian Boggs

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