I’ve been a fan of Weird Al Yankovic since I was a young lad. Despite the fact that the man appears to not age at all he’s been doing parodies of popular songs for more than thirty years. Some of my favorites are hip-hop parodies like “Amish Paradise” which is a play on “Gangsta’s Paradise“.

Another favorite is White & Nerdy which parodies “Ridin Dirty“.

But don’t think this guy is some low level comic that does this in his basement. He’s sold platinum records, holds more than one Grammy, and many artists think they’ve “made it” when Weird Al does a version of their song. In fact, his music videos regularly feature celebrities in them. Thanks to intellectual property laws, Weird Al doesn’t have to get permission to parody these songs. However out of respect he always seeks out the approval of the artist or their record label. He’s out with his latest album now and has been debuting eight videos in eight days. His best is “Tacky” which plays on “Happy” and was shot in one take.

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