A report based on data collected about wealthy people has some interesting anecdotes about the social priorities of the rich. Most notably, the rich care more about animal welfare than they do human rights, homelessness, income inequality, gender inequality, and race issues. The question is why.

wealth report on social causes and importance

The answer is straightforward if you think about it. Not being wealthy myself we’re about to enter a world of assumptions, so hang on.

The needs of the rich are very different from the needs of the rest of us. They don’t need a social safety net, assistance when losing a job, or even need to worry about where they will sleep tonight. Many wealthy people have a belief that because they are wealthy, just about anyone could be wealthy. To a degree this is true, but to what degree is debatable. From where the wealthy sit, most humans have the ability to make their own choices. Therefore they may not be as concerned about people that have made some regrettable choices.

Now look at the issues they care about. Kids, older people, animals. What do these have in common? All three can be more affected by the choices of other humans than their own decisions. Wealthy or not, kids and the elderly need help from their fellow man. Animals, especially those bred to live and serve with us, need human beings. The rich care more about these issues because the subjects are all more dependent than other humans, at least in their view. And this is not an incorrect viewpoint.

This report focused only on the wealthy, so it’s hard to know if the middle and lower class think differently about these topics. But if you assume the psychology of the rich is different than the rest of us when it comes to social causes, their priorities make sense.

Image via: Business Insider

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