How Advertisers Get You to Remember Ads (Psychology Today):  Ever notice that ads for older people don’t feature young and sexy spokespeople?  Advertisers often like to target you based on social identity.  In other words, they want to show you someone that you can identify with.  Moms cleaning up the kid’s mess with a paper towel, an old Republican Presidential candidate hawking Viagra or reverse mortgages.  A Hong Kong University study showed that students primed with a certain social identity were more much likely to remember ads that targeted that identity.  This is why commercials for toys are targeted to kids, and not the parents; even though kids have no money.  The impacts of social identity is more broad than just commercials though.  It affects where we go for news, and even how we vote.

Simply being called ‘fat’ makes young girls more likely to become obese, study finds (Science Reporter): ‘Fat’ was a term used to describe me sometimes in middle and high school.  I lost a lot of weight because I was tired of being told I was big.  I’m no thin guy these days, but I’m in control and eat right and exercise.  But some kids aren’t able to find that motivation to break the cycle.  A study of young girls that controlled for many other possible factors, simply being called fat at a young age made the children more likely to be obese at age 19.  This is tragic, but hardly surprising.  We’re all affected by our childhood experiences, good and bad.  But there’s something about tangible research on a topic like this which makes it so much more real.

State Taxes Have a Negligible Impact on Americans’ Interstate Moves ( Ever see someone on TV talking about their state taxes claiming they’ll move if they go up? Rich people in New York were especially vocal a few years ago. Well, new research shows that taxes very rarely the reason someone moves to another state. That’s not surprising. It may be a plus of moving from NY to FL, but it hardly seems to be the intent of the move.

I Went to the Nutritionists’ Annual Confab. It Was Catered by McDonald’s (Mother Jones): The more I though about this headline, the more I was okay with it.  McD’s has been trying to offer more healthy options and they probably want to get the word out to nutritionists about this.  But the story isn’t really about a catered lunch.  The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) is a powerful professional organization of nutritionists and is responsible for accrediting college programs in nutrition.  AND’s largest source of income is from corporate sponsors though, and that list includes Coke, Pepsi, Nestle, and other corporate food companies.  Many of whom probably have differing interests than AND.  This is hardly a full blown conspiracy, but the article is worth your attention if you’re a “follow the money” type.

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