Yesterday we looked at the seven dumbest ideas from 2013. Today, let’s look at seven things we hope don’t happen in 2014.

Apple changes the size of the iPhone: The iPhone has always been the perfect size for me and my pocket. But the rumor is Apple wants to make a bigger phone to compete with Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy series. They can make a bigger one if they want, so long as Apple keeps its traditional size without sacrificing any hardware specs.

An assassination attempt is made on the Pope: This was pointed out by someone much wiser than me. This new Pope is undoing a lot of the damage the Catholic Church has been doing for generations. The simple act of living a simpler lifestyle is big enough, but he’s shaken things up much more than that.  Whether you’re Catholic or not this guy influences a lot of people.  But, with change comes fear of change too. And he could be a prime target but some crazy person that doesn’t agree with their views.

Interest rates go down: Last year ended with interest rates actually starting to rise a bit. The 10 year Treasury bond is now yielding close to 3%, compared to almost half that last May. Higher rates do mean borrowing is more expensive, which can drag the economy. But higher rates also mean the Federal Reserve no longer needs to provide an artificial floor on the economy. Hopefully 2014 is the year the economy is ready to move out of Mom and Dad’s house.

Killing unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed hurts the economy: In the late-fall budget deal one of the losers were the long-term unemployed. There are camps on either side of the political and economic argument about this move. In all honesty, we don’t know what will happen. But, I’m sure everyone hopes that these people losing benefits will be able to find jobs after all.

Obamacare fails: Why anyone would ever hope a policy fails is beyond me. Most politicians disagree on policy because of what they think the outcome will be. The number one goal of Obamacare is to bring down the cost of healthcare. Everyone should hope that works whether they believe it will happen or not. Sure, there are many rules in the law we could change. But to hope it is a disaster, or just about any policy would be, is saddening.

General Motors buys Tesla: If I’m running GM, I’d likely buy Tesla yesterday. This is the first company to legitimately disrupt the auto industry in decades. With each new car, Tesla moves further down market and takes more market share from other automakers. Granted, the electric car is still in its infancy, but this company and its products are industry disruptors. And they can change the entire focus of a huge portion of our economy. An industry analyst thinks GM could buy the company in 2014, let’s hope that doesn’t happen because they’ll just crush it.

Congress holds the economy hostage: If 2013 proved anything to us, it’s that Congress can still put a gun to the economy’s head and get what it wants. The budget deal at the end of 2013 gave us all some hope, but surely even the wrong eye contact in Washington could flush all that down a $2000 toilet. Here’s to a 2014 where Congress doesn’t make things worse, again.

Image: DonkeyHotey

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