I’ve mentioned before that I struggle to this day with the way many things were taught to me in school as a child. Most recently, I’ve shared my beef either how pi is taught in math classes. Today, I want to take on history a bit.

History was one of my favorite courses in college. High level courses that covered American history over a century or too are the perfect subject level for me. An entire course devoted to the 1920s probably wouldn’t be so fun.

In the grade school level, the content was always about events. It was “this thing happened on this date”. We never had to explain why it was important or even where that event fits in with its past and future. High schoolers can do that, but it was never presented that way.

This video, does more to make history interesting than any teacher I ever had. It puts everything into a big picture, which was also never done for me. Read up course material planners, you’re part of the problem.

Via Gizmodo

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