All year long children look forward to Christmas morning. The whole day is usually fun filled with new toys, seeing family, and lots of good food. As we get older other realities set in: the stress of travel, hosting a dinner, or even having enough money to buy presents. These all compound on busy work schedules where you may not even have had time to think about the holidays until right before them.

Christmas, or any celebration, can quickly become stressful it’s not thought about or discussed before-hand. It’s important to make sure that any holiday involving more than a couple of people does need some kind of planning. This is especially true if people have options on what they can do and there may be competing priorities.

If there’s going to be one or two days of hectic activity, make sure to plan for an equal amount of days for recovery. These are holidays after all, a break from work and the normal stress of life. It shouldn’t be filled with simply more stress. If you want holidays to be fun and enjoyable, you sometimes have to work to make it happen.

I hope you all had a safe and wonderful holiday. No matter what you celebrate, you probably had the day off yesterday. We’ll return to our normal schedule tomorrow.

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