It’s weeks like this that make us all examine ourselves more closely. We often take a scornful eye to others or even the rest of the world based on the actions of just a few people. So I think we should be reminded of all that’s great in the world. First up: 26 Moments That Restored Our Faith In Humanity This Year

Moments like parents of a diabetic child that got tattoos of insulin pumps so he wouldn’t feel alone, college students blocking Westboro Baptist Church from being able to protest a military funeral, and a lot of stories that helped people recover from natural disasters.

Via: The Sheconomist

And then some wonderful people in New Zealand wanted to show the world that rescue dogs can be just as amazing as any other. Some people at the SPCA taught 3 rescues how to drive a car. Incredible.

Via Autoblog

There are wonderful things happening in this world. In the face of tragedy it’s more important than ever to realize the great things people can do too.

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