Back in July I talked about how poorly written legislation is being used to protect the jobs of a few at the expense of the many. By making it expensive and time consuming to obtain a license for something like braiding hair in one case was denying a community of a craft not otherwise offered. The skill is in place, but without a license, no fun hair and no job.

This is something many of our veterans understand as well. Just look at the commercials for the military. They brag about serving your country while learning skills you can take with you back to civilian life. What hasn’t been explained is that while the skills might transfer, the certifications don’t. A perfect example seems to be with truck driving. The saying goes, I can drive a truck through Afghan mountains while being shot at but can’t down the interstate in Kansas?

I’ve talked at great length about how the President can’t help the economy or create jobs. Congress can to a somewhat greater degree but helped government get out of its own way. Just in time for Veterans Day it looks like they’ve done just that. They have removed some of the red tape that has previously made it difficult for soldiers to take those skills back to civilian life. It’s great to honor troops and everything. But that best thing we can do for them is to make them civilians again when they’re ready.  Hire a vet.

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Image: US Army

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