paul ryan speakingHappy Election Day. And by happy, I mean I’m so happy this is about to be over. The news cycle will be even worse today. Just imagine what new technology CNN might unveil tonight. The pundit class is divided and everyone says the race is too close to call, except for one guy. But pundits don’t respect him so I guess he doesn’t matter.

One story has slipped through the cracks though and it’s very interesting. If Mitt Romney were to lose tonight, Paul Ryan stands a chance of being unemployed before the the night is over. If you’ll remember Mr. Ryan is a high ranking member of the House of Representatives. Our House members have to run for reelection every two years. Sometimes they run unopposed, other times it’s a pretty easy campaign to get your job back. But in Ryan’s district he has a very real challenger running against him.

I couldn’t find any significant polling data but challenger Rob Zerban seems to be well funded by a national Democratic party that would like to put Ryan out of the job. Interestingly for Ryan though, today he’ll get to vote for himself twice. Once for VP and again for his House seat. How often do you get to vote for someone twice? How often does someone get to vote for themselves twice?

Obviously he can’t serve both roles so if Romney were to win the White House then Ryan would resign from the House. His district would then have another election to fill his seat. If Romney loses, (and according to the pundits it’s a tossup), the Ryan will very much want to keep his job in the House. He’d certainly be in the conversation for presidential candidates in 2016. But if Ryan were to lose his House seat too, he’s all of a sudden unemployed.

Now don’t worry about him too much. He’s easily employable in one of the 3 major ways a former high ranking Congressman can be. He can be a lobbyist, write books and do speaking, or teach a BS class at a local university. It’s likely he’d be able to pull off 2 of those 3 together, or all of them.

Ryan probably won’t lose the House election but I’m surprised the mainstream media hasn’t been playing with this story.

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