Over the next few days I’m going to finally provide some personal thoughts on the election. For the most part I don’t care about the president himself. My only real passing interest is in seeing what the final outcome will be in terms of party balance in Congress along with who gets the Oval Office. But for the sake of tradition or something, let’s pretend your vote matters and look at 3 bad and good things about the candidates.


  • Romney is a winner: To a fault unfortunately. This is a guy that wants to win and nothing else. He managed to get the nomination after appearing to be the only GOP candidate not destined for being a comic book villain. The competition was literally laughable. But he also got it by selling out just about every major policy position he’d previously taken. He went much farther to the right than he likely actually is and now in the general election he’s saying whatever his campaign thinks will get him an edge. He wants to win, and will do anything to do it.
  • The motivations: Let’s say you were born into a life a privilege. You went to the best schools, made hundreds of millions of dollars, and even became governor. What is there else to do? Most people would be content to just enjoy their beautiful family (and the Romneys are gorgeous). But for someone that has done nothing in their life but win and succeed, there’s pretty much only one thing left to do. Be president. Doing that would pretty much cap off the best life ever which including one-upping their dad. Who doesn’t want to do that (eyeing you pops)? But at no point during his campaign or life in general has Romney ever indicated he really cares about the people. He’s shooting for a title.
  • Which Romney do we get?: Pundits like to attack candidates for flip-flopping. I like a good flip on certain policies because it shows a politician is open to reason. But Romney’s changes and my concern regarding his motivations makes me wonder what Romney we’ll get. Will we get the reasonable moderate or the campaigner, or just a Republican party troll?


  • Master negotiator: Romney has a history of being a moderate that’s willing to compromise. One of the most important skillsets for a private equity magnate is negotiation and reaching a deal that makes everyone happy. Romney can do this in business and government. This is a valuable skill that our current president lacks considerably.
  • Fearless leader: This guy has been a leader his entire life. He’s lead teams, offices, businesses, and even governments. Romney knows how to lead, it’s all he really knows. Don’t ask him to be a cabinet member, he’ll quickly take over. Leaders like this are fearless and quick decision makers. They aren’t going to wait for all the information because by then it’s too late. Government operates too slowly and Romney will speed it up. Politics or not, his management style is a shareholder’s wet dream. And yes, this translates to government so long as the leader has the confidence.
  • There’s more going on up there than great hair: Willard isn’t simply well educated, he’s smart. He is a real problem solver and he’s going to make everyone stay late until a problem is solved. Like his leadership, his intelligence is what draws people to him. Romney is smarter than Washington would give him credit for. Republicans inside the beltway might think a Romney presidency would be easy, but it won’t be. He’s not going to take their bullshit. A President Romney would be one of the smartest presidents the LBJ days. So long as he thinks with his head, instead of his party’s.

Tomorrow we’ll take a similar eye to President Obama.

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