We’re now into the final stretches of a well deserved week of vacation. While I haven’t needed AAA for its original purpose it has come in handy in many other ways. Between hotels, car rentals, and tickets to various attractions, AAA has saved me well over $100 on this trip. The savings more than cover the cost of the service. Over the course of the year I’ll save at least $200 thanks to the membership.

I’ve used AAA since I started driving, which was very helpful in my high school and college days when a couple of breakdowns and a “ding” occurred. When I got a new car and was paying my own bills I got cheap but did incur a flat tire. At the time I’d let my AAA membership lapse and was using a service from my insurer, which sucked and sort of made matters worse.

I ran back to AAA and haven’t looked back. Thankfully I was welcomed with open arms. If you don’t have AAA, you should consider it. Traveling even just once a year will likely cover the cost of membership. But it’s if your car breaks down where it is a real relief.

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