To me, relationships are a very personal matter, preferably handled one on one. But to others they are as public as a Facebook profile. When I got engaged it was just The Sheconomist and me, at our special place, at a special time. I’m not a creative person either.

But that doesn’t mean my way is the best way. If you’re a member of a comedy troupe or some kind of actor’s guild it’s no surprise that you might have the will and creative talent to do something worthy of internet fame. The video below is just that.

Even though I can read through the lines and just see a struggling actor/creative director leveraging a personal matter to show his talents to the world, it’s no less incredible. The planning and support alone needed to make this happen is worthy of a watch. And ignore cynics like me who assume someone is just trying to further their career, it’s really freaking cool. And dammit if it isn’t the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen.

Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal from Isaac Lamb on Vimeo.

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