Interview of my heroes: A lot of my posts feature economic data. A lot of that data comes from the St Louis Federal Reserve. This is an interview of the guys taht pull together the data and built a great tool for analyzing it. I am a HUGE fan.

60 Minutes report on toxic sugar: Sugar may be a lot worse for you than thought. In my opinion, the key with sugar is trying to eat things with unprocessed sweeteners, or don’t have sugar added to it. Good video.

Gross National Happiness (Washington Post): Who says GDP is the best way to measure the health of a country? Why not just measure happiness? This could happen in the future.

Conservatives Don’t Trust Science Anymore Via @drcrosson: Global warming and evolution have put strains on the views of many conservatives. Expect to see this more as science threatens business models or religious views.

Education and Economic Prosperity: Is there something to be learned from 14th century Europe about innovation today? An interesting look that points out that a good education system brings about economic prosperity. Many believe that prosperity comes first. Policy implications?

Confirmation Bias Shapes Everything, Including How We See Income Inequality: I talk a lot about how we tend to present statistics that favor our view of the world. This is a good chart that shows the various ways you can look at income inequality. Surprise! You can make it say what you want.

Foxconn workers want longer hours: Who knew?

Where do you go when you drop out of the labor force? Good article talking about what happens to people when the leave work and stop looking for new work.

Attractive people have it better at work: This would explain why everything works so well for yours truly. Related.

Hotdog Heroes: How normal people, and people like you and me see the world. Illustrated with hotdogs.

Divorce-proof your marriage: With statistics.

Five Lessons From Growing Up Rich: It’s not always easy being a wealthy child. The life lessons sure are different.

The science behind farts: An interesting story with even more interesting research.

Finally I entered the Carnival of Personal Finance for a 3rd time and for the 3rd time was an editor’s choice. Like we needed the validation.

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