Organizations are constantly categorizing and ranking employees.  They have surveys, reviews, interviews, and studies to try and understand their people. A better understanding of the people that work at your company can lead to a more well run company that has happier employees and makes everyone better off.  Companies often go too far trying to categorize their people.  There are really only six kinds of employees.  See below which one you are:

The Natural: The cream of the crop. They are really good and can be put anywhere in an organization. But overconfidence can lead to lack of attention to detail. Worse, they are more likely to not stay on top of their game like a hard worker. They expect their talent to do the work and may not value experience as much.

The Glue: Glues are very important to organizations. They are underpaid experts. They become so good at their jobs they can’t get promoted because no one can do it better. This helps with job security but can also backfire. They won’t get promoted and are too scared to move to another company because they’d have to learn a new system they aren’t the masters of.  Glues can lead teams, but not businesses.

The Colonel:  Everyone needs a leader, and colonels thrust themselves into those roles.  They often spend much of their days making decisions and are looked to for their ability to make tough calls and execute. But exercise caution.  They can lose sight on the future because they’re always in emergency mode and can’t think beyond the current battle.  If they don’t trust you expect to be micromanaged.

The Sire:  For those that don’t know, sires are male dogs that are usually bread bred.  Sires are certainly capable of following instruction and can manage many tasks with minimal supervision.   They have a natural sense to lead but will walk a pack in front of traffic if no one is watching.  They don’t take risks, but can lack intelligence which leads to mistakes.  They aren’t likely to work well in groups, especially among other Sires.  The worst thing is their tendency to leave their mark on everyone’s work without improving it; sometimes leaving it to wreak reek of piss.

The Sandman:  These people can’t focus on the task at hand.  They are always looking towards the next job.  Always thinking about what else they could be doing.  Menial tasks seem like a waste of time.  When you put them in the right role they thrive, especially under pressure to meet a deadline.  They’ll work odd hours to either get the job done, or leave the impression they are working hard.  They have dream jobs but aren’t likely to have the ambition to pursue them.  Push them hard though and they’ll be top performers.

The Punch Card:  They’re only here to get the jobs done.  They have no ambition with the company.  Expect them to be low to middle performers. The few above average performers  can climb up to respectable levels in an organization. But they are never going to give you more than needed to get just above average. This is likely because they have better things to do.  Maybe he’s a single dad of triplets, or coaches little league, or has a side business.  Or he might not care about they job.  They are competent, but don’t expect them to do more than what’s in the job description.

We are all one of these employees at any given time.  Perhaps one day you’re a Punch Card and the next a Sire.  The key is understanding what type of employee you are so you don’t fall into the traps that make them a bad employee.

Trying to categorize yourself and don’t see a fit?  That’s because I made all this up.  Posts like this are stupid.  Don’t read them.  Including mine.  Okay, maybe just mine.

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