Why I gave up my six-figure salary and quit Bay Street: Bay Street is in Toronto and is Canada’s version of Wall Street.  You can’t expect much a difference between the two countries, but this author provides a well written explanation of his time in finance and why he, and others, left.

Remove the highways, fix the traffic problem: One of the most interesting reads in 2012 so far.  John Norquist championed the destruction of some highways in Milwaukee while the mayor and actually saw an improvement in traffic.  New Urbanism is the name of the idea and it calls for better city planning that reduces congestion.  The best way to sum it up is that by proper planning of roads, people won’t have an incentive to live far out of town and commute in for things they need.  If you work in the city, live in the city.  We are likely to see this in some form or another in increasingly greater amounts all over the country as the cost of commuting continues to rise.  Most traffic issues are “solved” by adding supply to support the increased demand.  What would happy to demand if supply was taken away?  I’d like to see how they would do DC though.

Castro might have known Kennedy was going to get shot: Conspiracy theorists rejoice.  A great conspiracy about Fidel Castro knowing JFK was going to get shot.  The only downside is if this story is true, most of the cover-up conspiracies likely wouldn’t be.

Generally speaking, everything makes you fat: Extensive article showing that calories alone can’t account for the reason everyone is so fat.  It’s the quality of what is put into our body.  The whole article reads like an endorsement for organic food, and it will give the overweight among us an excuse for not jogging tomorrow.  Mommy’s eating when she was pregnant made me fat.

Men, just thinking about talking to women makes you dumber: This would explain while I fumble through my words every time I need to talk to my wife about something.  Points scored for The Weakonomist (if The Sheconomist is reading)!

Number cruncher’s life in charts: I didn’t build this, but I feel a good connection to the charts.  Especially aligning the supposed same data from different sources.

Are you a ginger?  You can take the pain:  Red heads feel less pain than everyone else.  Are they more genetically advanced?  Will they rule the world?  Thank a ginger today.

Divorce: the downside to living longer: Til death do us part used to mean 60 years.  Now 90 isn’t crazy.  The rate of divorce of people over 50 has doubled over the last 20 years.  When the kids are gone, it usually meant you were about to die.  Now it means you have to decide if you want to spend another 50 years with the other parent.  Many are thinking, not. Via @pkedrosky

More People Interested in Part-Time Retirement: Count me as one of them. Weakonomics started because at the time I was bored working just 40 hours a week. I work more now, but I can’t imagine full blown retirement. Not yet at least.

Tricks retailers use to carve out extra profits: Candy bars have been shrinking, but the prices for them haven’t. That’s good for bellies, and retailers. This is just one of a number of ways retailers are playing games with price tags these days.

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