20120310-113555.jpgA couple of weeks ago I confessed to my addiction to cereal with you. It is not my only addiction.

Kashi and I first met in college when I was looking for a high protein cereal that was delicious and nutritious. The “Crunch” cereal from the Kashi line became my best friend. But it was so fibrous that after some time it was doing some interesting things to my intestines. So I scaled back and eventually found new cereals. My quest for high protein in cereal was also less important, as I’d found other sources.

For a long time Kashi only seemed to be a cereal brand, but then I saw some frozen blueberry waffles next to some Eggos. Not normally being a frozen waffle guy, I decided to give it a shot. They were quite tasty, but another addiction (sauces, in this case syrup) took a healthy food and turned it into a fattening one. I never looked back.

But then Kashi showed up in commercials, and they blitzed me with tons of new products. And now I have two new loves. Kashi chewy bars and Kashi cookies. Chocolate and I go hand in hand, but when I’m not careful we go mouth to gut. So when I want a chocolate fix these Kashi products do two things for me.

1) I have no self control. I could eat an entire package of Betty Crocker’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in one or two sittings. For one, they are awesome, for another, they’re cheap. Eating pricier foods helps control me. The Kashi foods are pricy (but do go on sale). Price does more to limit portion control for me than anything else ever will.

2) The chocolate is blended in with some of the healthiest ingredients available in prepackaged food. There is just enough there to satisfy a sweet tooth. Even though the cookies aren’t fantastic, the quality of ingredients make up for it. And anything with chocolate that gets softer when dunked in milk will satisfy a cookie craving.

Kashi continues to impress me with products that are perfectly matched to my kind of diet. This is not a paid endorsement, I am a legitimate fan. We live in a fast-paced, perpackaged world. And when I want something that’s convenient and won’t make me feel guilty for eating it, Kashi is a good place to go.


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