According to an informal poll of people yesterday everyone in the United States does the same thing for Valentine’s Day. We complain about it being a Hallmark holiday and that it’s stupid to celebrate your love with someone special on the same night as everyone else. Then we do all the things we’re supposed to do for Valentine’s day.

And while all those things are true one could argue that Valentine’s Day does give some people exactly what they need.  Some people aren’t much for romantic gestures, it’s just not part of who they are.  Having a specific day on the calendar makes it easier for them to remember to do something romantic.  It’s the counterargument to the rational idea that all humans regularly do the regular things needed to maintain a relationship.  As readers of this website know too well, we aren’t rational beings.

So enjoy some Valentine’s Day statistics, complain about the holiday, and then go pick up some flowers and the last card sitting on the rack because you were in the 50% of people that didn’t buy a car early.

  • Valentine’s Day is the second most popular holiday for exchanging cards; 180 million in total. The biggest is not Mother’s Day. It’s Christmas.
  • 50% of all Valentine’s day cards are purchased 6 days in advance. Good job thinking ahead.
  • 53% of women say they’d dump their boyfriends if they didn’t do anything for Valentine’s day. I find that incredibly hard to believe.
  • Teachers and children receive the most cards on Valentine’s Day. Hopefully it’s not the teachers giving to the children.
  • 3% of people will give cards to their pets.
  • Men spend twice as much as women for the holiday.
  • There are 119 single men for every 100 single women. That ratio changes to favor the men among seniors. The average age of a women becoming widowed is 55.
  • There are 6000 marriages a day. Both men and women agree Valentine’s Day is a bad day to propose.
  • Valentine’s Day represents just 20% of flower transactions but 25% of dollar volume. No surprise there. And while florists probably do just up prices, flowers are commodity products and they pay a lot more to buy them too.  Supply and demand.
  • 71% of men buy flowers for their spouses. 36% of women do. Women are more likely to buy flowers for their mothers. 4% of men buy flowers for themselves. 15% of women do.
  • 52% of women admit to being envious of the romantic gestures they observe from others on Valentine’s Day
  • 45% of men think flowers are the way to say “I love you” on Feb 14. 4% of women do. That is not a typo.


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