Some daring thieves in Chicago broke into a jewelry store and in a perfectly executed fashion avoided all security cameras and motion detectors and broke into a secure safe. They stole $500k worth of jewels.

It’s a classic story straight out of a movie, and every website that’s covered this story has made some kind reference to that fact.

I was going to share a video from the Chicago Tribune about the story, but for some reason they do not want you to embed videos on your own site. At first I thought this must be a mistake, but then I remembered how websites make money. And the Tribune Company is trying to make money any way they can.

So, even though I have to sit through a 15 second pre-roll, the only way to watch the video is to go to the actual site, where they can serve you banner ads too. This is a perfect example of an old media company trying to grasp at every dollar they can today at the expense of a dollar tomorrow.

I will not link to this story, I will not encourage you watch the video. Tribune, if you’d let me embed the video you would have gotten more pre-roll runs, and I would have linked to the story. Was that really worth it? Fiscally, I don’t think so.

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