As of this writing we are converging on the 6th year of this housing mess, and for almost 6 years we’ve heard people from the head of the Federal Reserve to real estate experts to Jim Cramer say we’ve reached the bottom of the housing market. For too long self-interested parties have made claims the worst may be over. They’ve all been wrong. It’s time to chronicle this journey. Starting with the end of January in 2012 and going back to 2006 I’ve compiled a list. Please note the listed sources aren’t always the ones making the claims, it’s just who published the claim.

Please enjoy the list:

When will we see the real bottom? It could be soon, one of the few people I trust to have an unbiased opinion (and someone who has attempted to track all the prior claims for a bottom) explains there are actually two housing bottoms to look for and they may be closer than you think. We’ll see if he’s right, or if he gets added to this list.

If you have more articles you want listed claiming a housing bottom, put them in the comments. While there are many stories that talk about the bottom, for the sake of this list just look for headlines.

Image: Nick Bastian Tempe, AZ

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