Yesterday we humbly reviewed how awesome I am at predicting things. Normally, in today’s post I’d make a number of predictions for 2012, mostly for fun. But instead of me picking what to predict, I’d like to know what you want me to predict.

It’s not so much a call for suggestions as it is a survey of what you think will be important in 2012. I made predictions about Sarah Palin last year, but she really wasn’t important last year. She could have been, but it’s pretty clear Ms. Palin is more interested in making money than anything else. We know now why she left her office in Alaska, the same reason a start NCAA basketball player leaves for the pros after his sophomore year.

So what is important to the Weakonomics reader this year? Do you want a prediction on who gets the most gold medals in London? How about who will run with Mitt Romney? I’m willing to place wagers on how well Facebook’s IPO will do.

I’ll add some of my own predictions, but this is really about the reader. Let’s archive what we thought was important or what we thought was going to happen in 2012. Help me make a list. Here’s a few things I’m thinking about just to get the mind churning:

Super Bowl
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Finding alien life
Housing prices
Student loan bailouts
Will the 1% meme continue?
Apple (products, success without Jobs, etc)
Energy prices
Conflict with Iran, N Korea
Interest rates
Blackberry (RIMM) stock price
Kim Kardashian
Consumer Confidence
World ending
Stock prices
What will the Colts do with their QB problem?

Nothing is off the table. You readers are a loyal bunch but we’re all pretty quiet. Speak up! Tell me what I should be predicting and make a prediction yourself.

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