So it’s New Year’s Eve and soon people will tell you to have a happy new year.  The holiday is about new beginnings, out with the old and in with new.  A chance to make the next year better than the last.

But before you start thinking about how great 2012 could be, stop and consider whether 2011 was really so bad.  In my family we would always have a fire and write down the things we’d like to forget and then throw them in.  A great way to cleanse the mind.  What would you put in the fire?  Did you feel the same way about 2010 when it was finishing up a year ago?

Why not instead of looking forward to a new year and new possibilities, or trying to forget the bad moments of 2011, cherish every moment.  In business we’re supposed to applaud failures, because we learn from them.  2011 was a good year.  It had ups, it had downs, even found some grey hairs for the first time.  Call them battle scars.

Life can always be better.  It can always be worse.  Enjoy the ups and downs.  Even if 2011 wasn’t a great year for you, you should feel good if you made the best of it.

Resolutions do not work.  The motivation people find to make the resolution will fade by MLK day.  To the universe this is just another day.  Tomorrow is just another day.  Make the most of next year but not in the name of forgetting a prior one.  Here’s my guide on how to do it:

Step one: don’t take life advice from an anonymous blogger.

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