Boys, everywhere you go you use a urinal to tinkle. I counted yesterday and I used a urinal twice as often as I use a toilet. And it’s only at home when I don’t have access to one. Why is that?

Urinals use a lot less water than toilets, and most people don’t subscribe to the “if it’s yellow let it mellow” phenomenon so we aren’t getting any water conservation that way. And ladies, if you don’t know, they make urinals that don’t use any water now too.

They don’t require too much plumbing, and tons of houses have bidets that so why not have a urinal too? Well some do, but most don’t. It’s about time we get some urinals in the house, but I doubt we’ll ever see it. So I set out to find out why there aren’t.

No website seemed to have a simple consensus, most just do the simple speculation of cost. It’s not cost effective for a builder to put one in or there isn’t enough space. I concede both points but plenty of bathrooms are big enough and the extra cost is minimal. Anyways, builders put them in buildings all the time. The difference of course is that public buildings have separated men’s and women’s restroom whereas private residences have unisex bathrooms. In order to get urinals then, we need a simple solution.

If you live in a household where more than one gender lives and more than one bathroom exists, there is a simple reality: the boys use one bathroom and the girls use another. Sure there’s sharing, maybe amongst kids or spouses, but I’d bet when it’s possible the bathrooms are broken up by gender. So the logical progression to get urinals in the house is the have a separate bathroom for men and women.

This already makes sense. Men and women already prefer separate rooms. Women want to hid the fact that they do indeed have solid waste they must release to gravity’s pull, and men don’t want to clean their thrones nearly as often. We need more houses with men’s and women’s restrooms. If not officially, at least unofficially. If you have a party, this will immediately become important especially if you serve bean dip. Our society still doesn’t like to cross streams with strangers or even acquaintances, so I say we embrace it. We all win. Both genders get dedicated separate bathrooms and since women will rarely go in the men’s room there’s no rush to keep it as clean as a hospital.

Let’s build houses with urinals and install them in existing homes, they’ll be used and save tons of water. Get the government to subsidize it, it’s a good stimulus that I’m sure could get you a green tax credit of some kind. Yes, it may take an act of Congress, but I want my urinal.

Who’s with me?

Photo: GlennFleishman

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