I recently went to some kind of open house for art.  The local museum was having a showcase and their artists in residence were showing off their work.  This was a good place for me to try to understand art, but I left very disappointed.  Most of the art was pure crap requiring no skill at all to create.  But a few artists actually showed some skill so I spent more time talking to them trying to understand art.

Art is not something I get.  A pretty painting of a realistic scene is no more beautiful than a photo.  In my time on this Earth I’m yet to find a painting that I would rather have over a photo.  This was something I shared with the artists I spoke to.  I told them that I don’t see the point of the creation.  The best argument I got in return was that 10 artists can paint the same picture and each one would look different because we all see the world differently.  Sure, but I still didn’t see anything that looked better than a photo, even if I can appreciate the skill needed to create many of their works.

I found the most interesting stuff in the museum to actually be the renovated building itself and the wooden box an artist used to hold her stuff.  It was made of wood and used no glue or nails to come together.  To me, that’s art.

I don’t like abstract art but I do like art that otherwise can’t be recreated in the real world, think M.C. Escher.

When I left I felt no different about most art than I did before.  Many people appreciate it and I heard their comments while I was there.  People get value from art and are willing to pay lots of money for what I would consider junk.  But I do have an understanding the same way I do with bugs.

Bugs are a part of the food chain.  I don’t get them, I don’t like them, I don’t want to be around them.  But they are important to the cereal I had this morning, the coffee I’m drinking now, and the sandwich I’ll have later.  The food chain is important and even the most detestable mosquito play a part.  This analogy won’t be flattering for artists, but I do understand your role and appreciate you, even if I don’t want to spend too much time with you.

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