Emerging research is showing a correlation between fat and stupidity. And it’s not like obesity we’re talking about. Merely the act of eating fatty foods can make you dumber. It was previously well known that obesity was linked to degenerative diseases like dementia, but the simple act of eating fatty foods making you dumber over short periods of time is striking. Someone, somewhere, is reading this while eating something fatty, and throwing it away.

None of us are really surprised by this of course. How many fat people do you see in important roles of society. Aside from Santa Claus and Chris Christie I can’t think of many others. But fat consumption isn’t the only contributor there. People judge people who are fat. This is speaking from personal experience, as I was a chunker as an early teen. I could still be smaller today, but I’ve found a good balance of contentment with food, weight, and exercise. Plus, with the help of this blog and intellectually challenging work I can stay sharp despite a love for sharp cheddar cheese.

Large people are less likely to get promoted at work, or even hired. Not moving up in an organization usually means a plateau in the use of your brain and if that need isn’t filled elsewhere then you can start to get dumber. Use it or lose it.

But that’s why this research is very interesting. This isn’t about a lack of promotions, or even judgment by society. This is your body reacting to the fat you just consumed. The researchers speculate that the Darwinian aspects of our brain are satiated and we don’t need to be as alert.

There are significant revelations from this research especially in regards to a strong diet for kids. Children that fall behind in school tend to not catch up, and if someone doesn’t have access to proper diet the long term effect in short term stupidity is detrimental to that child’s future. Is it the role of government to make us eat veggies? No. That falls on the parents. But if the parents are stupid then that kid doesn’t stand much of a chance compared to someone who was forced to eat their veggies (thanks Mom and Dad). What the government can do is provide incentives for eating healthier. Subsidizing fruits and veggies instead of corn syrup and stricter dietary constrictions on food stamps (just watch what they’re buying) are good starts.

I can really carry this research all the way out to America’s loss of intellectual leadership around the world. We’re not as smart compared to the rest of the world as we used to be. Could it be all the fat we’re eating? It’s clearly playing a supporting role and may just get an Oscar.

But all that really matters to me is my level of intelligence compared to those around me. If you know your IQ, try this technique to see if it gets you to cut back on your eating. For every 5 grams of saturated fat you eat, you lose 1 IQ point for 48 hours. That means even a simple trip to McDonald’s for a Big Mac and Fries could known you down 3 points. I’m not a Big Mac guy, but this is going to kill my ice cream habit.

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