When did it become stylish to be pigeon toed? It’s actually a thing now. If an insecure girl wants to look cute she turns her feet in. It looks like they’re trying to hold in a tinkle. I first noticed this earlier in the year when my overlords first let me out of my cave to get some sunshine and interact with the world in person. Everywhere I went I saw little girls (and big ones) with the kind of supination that makes my knees hurt. I wish I was alone in noticing this, but someone actually started a website called Hipsters Have To Pee.

My wife tells me that girls do it to make their legs look skinny, which makes sense. They’ve done the same with leggings and heels for years (it doesn’t work). You can see all the different ways girls make their legs look skinny on fashion blogs. One such blog is the entirely narcissistic Chloe Conspiracy. Trust me “Chloe”, that’s a compliment coming from King Narcissus here.

But the economist in me wasn’t convinced that this is an entirely stylistic move. Fashion conscious women are always doing stupid things to make themselves look better, but I doubted they’d gone all chanzu on their feet yet.

So I dug a little bit. Then I remembered something else girls had been doing a lot lately. And that’s wearing ridiculously ugly and bulky furry boots. More commonly referred to as Uggs, these benign tumors are good shoes if you lack an eye for creating your own style or just have some gross cankles to cover up.

But if your lords too let you out of the glow of a monitor to observe the world, you will see these shoes wear in an odd way (especially the lower quality brands). They actually wear to the side of the heal heel and make an ugly shoe worse. And in my digging I found an article from back in March that pointed out at least the cheaper brands of Ugg boots are causing foot problems.

Groundbreaking this is not. Surprising this is not. But hilarious……. sooooo hilarious, it is.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a reflection that needs my attention.

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