Are you ready for some football? I’m not. As you know I am currently living in the DC area. Well DC got like 15 feet of snow last night and another 40 feet are expected today. Unfortunately I am not in DC this weekend to see all of this as it’s happening. Wherever I am, I am technically stranded since I can’t get back to my apartment. This is very unfortunate as my wife and I recently bought ourselves a wedding present, a 42 inch TV (it’s a PHILIPS!). I was really excited at the prospect of watching football in HD but since I can’t get to my TV that isn’t going to happen. Furthermore, my buddy has an even bigger TV and is having a Super Bowl party. But since I can’t get to the DC area, I can’t watch it. I used to love snow.

Enough complaining though. I’ve got a couple of Super Bowl related links to share with you. The first is the Adzone from Hulu. If you just watch the Super Bowl for the ads, might I suggest waiting a day and watching them in the Adzone. They’ll have them all there.

The second is called the Saints Super Bowl Drinking Game. I used to love playing drinking games like this, but thankfully the games I played didn’t have harsh drinking punishments. This one is pretty cruel in that area, but it’s so hilarious you have to give it a look. Whoever came up with it has a pretty good idea about the silly discussions announcers have in football games.

That’s it with the exception of my Super Bowl prediction. It would be nice if the Saints won, it would be a good thing for New Orleans. But I don’t think they have it in them. My money is on the Colts, if I were a betting man. If you’ve got a prediction, put it in the comments.

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