If you immediately understood what I was saying in the title then you probably have a Lady Gaga problem.  Admittedly, this means I do as well.  I’m not sure where it came from, but every time I hear her tunes on the radio I rock out.  The Sheconomist has also been known to sing a chorus or two.

Poker Face” has been stuck in my head since I read a post on Budgets Are Sexy earlier this week.  It is a Day In The Life Of A Poker Player.  It’s actually part 2 of 2 and if you like it I suggest you read part 1 which is linked in the post.  The play-by-play is somewhat boring unless you really love poker.  The important takeaway can be summed up on the quote below:

“Friday nights are the most profitable because you have a lot of bad amateur players coming home from the bars… But for some reason Saturday nights are NOT as good, and I’m not really sure why.”

This is the kind of question that economics would hope to answer.  Why are Fridays better than Saturdays for poker?  Presumably, they should be similar.  Perhaps it’s because on Fridays we’re unwinding from a long week and Saturdays we are unwinding from just a day of rest.  I don’t know, but that is the sort of thing that would be fun to study.

Here’s the best of the rest this week:

Consumerism Commentary listed the 10 Highest Paid CEOs of 2008. Listing them is a largely useless exercise on the surface. However what we hope to accomplish by pointing it out is how much more CEOs make today than yesteryear. This is no inflation adjustment; the increase is measured as a percentage of average wages and it used to be around 30x but has ballooned into the hundreds on average and the thousands for these guys listed. Good or bad I can’t say, just merely pointing out the observations.

Moolanomy published a list of 9 Really Wierd Ways To Make Money.  My favorite is putting your pet to work.  If you haven’t noticed I am the proud owner of a boxer.  And he’s about the most beautiful boxer out there.  These aren’t my words (or The Sheconomist’s) they are the words of everyone our boy meets.  But looks are useless if they can’t behave long enough to work.  This guy will sit long enough for A picture but he has the attention span of The Weakonomist so he’s easily

The Debt Hawk reminded us that important laws go into effect this week with Credit Card Debt Relief.  Act I of the Credit Card Reform Act started this week and is designed to give more transparency in the billing process.  Read up on the post and find out what else is happening.

What was I talking about?  Oh yeah, being easily distracted.  If you’re looking for a good distraction today make sure you don’t miss this.

Economists Do It With Models posted a video called The Ten Principles Of Economics. It’s performed by The Stand-Up Economist.  It was so damn funny I almost leaked some liquidity.  The post is older, but I just discovered it yesterday.

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