Welcome to the Best of Money Carnival.  If you love carnivals as much as I do then you’re probably not too excited about this one.  Fear not.  This one is different.  How you ask?  Because it’s all subjective and I have control of everything (for this week at least).  You see, for this carnival, bloggers submit links and I read them.  Then I pick my 10 favorites and present them to you.

I say fear not because I promise not to give you all that boring crap other carnivals do.  You come to Weakonomics because personal finance bores you but you’re still interested in money.  And of course a carnival is only as good as its theme, so I’ve used Wikipedia’s random article selector to introduce you (and me) to ten things, people, places, events, etc you’ve probably never heard of.

#10) Wolf Hilbertz

Professor Hilbertz is did not live the most exciting life, but it’s certainly more interesting than yours or mine.  On top of that his name is “Wolf”!  That means there are at least 2 of them!

Moolanomy posted the exact kind of personal finance post I’ve grown to loathe so much, How to Get Motivated To Take Control of Your Finances.  The difference is this one is written by someone that not only has a talent for writing, but also took their time to put together a well organized post.  Since I have neither the talent nor attention span to do either, I thought I’d bless you with a post written by someone who does.

#9) Montana, Switzerland?

Did you know there is a Montana in Switzerland?  Of course not, you probably didn’t even know there is a Switzerland at all.  Most depressing though is the fact that less than 90% of you that do know what Switzerland is couldn’t find it on a map.

The Personal Financier speaks from experience about the benefits of Dollar Cost Averaging .  Like the post above, normally this doesn’t have me interested.  But there is one quote in here which I can’t get out of my mind, and it’s why it’s on my list: “The long term is an obscure concept which is counter-intuitive to the human psychology”

#8) Northern Indiana Athletic Conference

Do you remember your high school conference?  I don’t but I’m sure there’s someone in the audience that, like Uncle Rico, just can’t get over those days gone by.  Oh, and why would a school in a state prone to tornados name their mascot the Golden Tornados?  You’re asking for it.

eMoneyLog tells you to Dump Your Savings Account.  Headlines always get my attention and this one sure did.  It isn’t for everyone, but it is a reflection of desperate banks during a desperate time.  Read on through and see if it’s for you.

#7) Talbot

This is a lunar crater named after William Henry Fox Talbot, one of the pioneers in photography in the 1800s.  This article interested me because it has more references than actual details of the crater itself.

Money Help For Christians must have known that I love to read finance books.  Their post is a list of 88 Personal Finance Books as recommended by personal finance bloggers.  I can’t say they’re all great, but there are some gems in there.  Make sure you check out the lesser known books at the bottom of the list.

#6) Pedro Rodriguez

I’m sure his colleagues at NASA call him “P-Rod”.  Dr. Rodriguez works for NASA and is in charge of a test laboratory.  Though I must say the coolest thing about him is that he changed majors 4 times in college so you indecisive bastards still have a chance to be successful!

Spend on Life talks about the value of a dime in All About the Roosevelts, Baybay!! Along with some history about the coin, a YouTube video of a hilarious Taco Bell commercial is also included.  Don’t miss this one.

#5) Stars at Tallapoosa

This is a poem written by Wallace Stephens.  More importantly, where is Tallapoosa?  That’s an awesome name!

Christian Personal Finance talks about Timebanking.  This is a subject I’ve touched on but deserves additional coverage again.  This time around there is a YouTube video attached, and we all prefer to watch a video than read a post.  Bonus: the video includes a cartoon.

#4) Captain-Lieutenant

This is a rank in the militaries of countries the US hates the most.  Among Russia and Germany, the UK and France have also used the rank.  That warring continent and all their fights spilling over into other fights.  They should be like the US and just mind their business and not get in anyone else’s problems.

Fire Finance reviews what Diversification really is.  We all thought we were diversified in early 2007.  12 months later we were scratching our heads wondering what happened to our well rounded portfolios.  Read the post and then read up on diversification to make sure you’re REALLY diversified.

#3) Confederation Park

Thankfully this isn’t a park somewhere in the south, it’s in Canada.  The coolest feature has to be the dedicated toboggan hills.  I want a park with hills just for sledding!

ManVSDebt posted the Top 16 Pieces of Your Information Identity Thieves Crave.  I used to do background checks for a living and can say this is absolutely true.  However I want you to know that as you read this millions of people already have access to a lot of this information.  In my last two jobs I’ve had access to your address, social security number, phone number, account numbers (if at my bank), email address, birthday, and even sometimes your mother’s maiden name.  I tell you this not so that you are afraid but so that you know people like me see this every day and we don’t use it against you.  Identity theft sucks, but it’s an overblown risk.  Don’t be an idiot, and your chances of it happening to you are no greater than any other theft.

#2) 1946–47 Boston Celtics Season

This was the first season for the Boston Celtics.  It’s a shame that after all that time the Celtics have never emerged as a championship team.  Like the Lakers or the Bulls, they just could never get the talent for a championship 😉

Enemy of Debt challenges you to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone.  I’ve recently done a few things like that like so I’m also open to the possibility of applying this to your finances.  If you don’t like to negotiate for things, try it anyway.  If you’ve lived off of $200 a month for food, push yourself down to $150 for a month.  Just try it and force yourself to do something you wouldn’t normally do.

#1) Minimum-shift keying

Just read the first paragraph to this article and see if you can make sense of it.  My head hurts just thinking about reading it again.

Wealth Pilgrim struck a cord in my heart with his What Yoda Taught Me About Money Mastery.  The idea is simple, in order to become awesome at something you must teach it.  The best way to master your skill or knowledge of a subject is to teach it to others.  Anyone that uses Star Wars to teach lessons is an instant winner for me.  Make sure you read this so you know why Yoda was so awesome.

Thanks to everyone who submitted posts.  I had a great time reading them all, but 10 is all I could select.  Thanks for reading, now go click some links and learn something random.

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