Finally! After 16 months of Weakonomics I’m finally giving away something!  I’m very excited, not only because this is my first giveaway, but because of what I’m giving away.  Last week many of you read my review of Biography of the Dollar, well now I’m giving you a copy.  And no it won’t be my copy which traveled to work and may have spent some time on the john.

There are three ways to enter, and you can enter each way once.  That means you get three entries, doing all three increases your chances of winning.  Here’s what you do:

  • Comment – Leave a comment on this post with a valid email address telling me who you think should be on the $1,000 bill if we ever brought it back, it can be anyone.  (Read chapter 2 to find out why we never would).  No extra points for creative ideas, but if there are enough good ones I might turn it into a post.
  • Tweet – Have a Twitter account?  Tweet the following message “Win a free copy of Biography of the Dollar from @the_weakonomist #BuckBook”.  Don’t have a Twitter account?  Create one, follow me, and tweet the message!
  • Subscribe – Many of my readers keep up with the blog through an RSS reader.  By subscribing to my feed you get the opportunity to enter again.  What will happen is on Tuesday, June 16 at 11 AM Eastern I’ll send a post to you in the reader.  If you aren’t subscribed you won’t get this message.  To enter just send me an email with a secret message I’ll give you in the subject line.  That’s it!  Don’t know what RSS is?  Learn more about it here or subscribe with email here.

But wait!  There’s one more way to enter! To enter this way you must have a blog.  You can enter by creating a post about Biography of the Dollar.  Just link to this post and the Amazon page for the paperback version of book so that your readers can learn more Biography of the Dollar.  A small paragraph with a few sentences will do fine.  After that send me an email with the link to your post using the subject “BuckBook Giveaway”.  The email address is Philip [at] weakonomics [dot] com. Note to bloggers, you can use your own affiliate link to the Amazon page if you’ve got one.

The Boring But Necessary Stuff

So how do I decide who wins? Let’s assume I get 10 comments, 13 tweets, 8 subscribers and 2 blogs (I hope I get more!) that’s a total of 33 entries.  Numbers 1-10 will be the comments, 11-23 are the tweets, 24-31 for subscribers, and 32-33 for the blogs.  It will all go in order of submission.  I’ll then use to select the winner.  In this example gave me #28, which would be the 5th subscriber submission.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget the rules.  You must live in the United States and be 18 or older.  You can’t enter in the same method more than once.  I will be policing this in the comments, twitter, subscriptions, and the blogs.  The contest will run for 8 days. I will stop receiving submissions via all 4 methods at 5:00 PM Eastern Time on Thursday, June 18th. The winner will be notified via email within 48 hours.  If the winner is a Twitter user, they will be notified via Twitter using the @reply method.  If you follow me, I will direct message you.  If the winner does not respond within 48 hours of notice I will use to pick a new winner.

Though the winner and I will discuss this privately, what we’ll do is I’ll get your shipping info and send this to the author.  The author will then send you the book.  I will serve as the point of contact between the winner and author.  Don’t worry reader, I won’t remember your address, I can’t even remember mine.clinton_sexdollars

Okay that’s it about it!  Here’s what I think the $1,000 bill should have: William Jefferson Clinton, our 42nd President.  Why?  Because we could call them Bills!  Street names could be: slick willies, clint kilos, & bubba bucks.

So get to commenting, tweeting, subscribing, and blogging!

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