As is expected in the world of finance, as soon as I start talking about something the rest of the community decides they should talk about it too.  Yes I’m that arrogant.

As many of you know I am getting married this fall to the beautiful and majestic Sheconomist.  She’s got all that wedding planning stuff going on that girls love to do, but that doesn’t leave me with much to worry about.  So I get to think about money.

Growing up I always expected to get married and have a joint account with my wife.  This is what my parents have done and it works well for them.  In my mind any other method shows some degree of mistrust.  Though my future wife might disagree, I know when it’s time to open my mind a bit and see if my perceptions are wrong and need to be corrected.  I took my thoughts to my good friend Tabitha at From Single To Married to see what her reader base might say.  Since her blog has an audience of married types I thought it would be a good place to start.  Have a read at my guest post over there called “Getting Hitched? Should You Hitch Your Money Too?“.  Make sure you check out the comments from Tabitha’s readers.

Next I want you to check out two posts from other bloggers that have posed similar questions to their readers.  Again the comments are what you’re really after if the discussion interests you:

Married With Separate Finances: I Just Don’t Get It
Your Take: Joint or Separate Coupled Finances?

Both of these guys mention the Personal Finance Hour which is an internet radio show you should listen to.  It’s obvious the inspiration came from me.  But that doesn’t matter.

Now that you’ve read up I want to open the Weakonomics doors to you.  What are your feelings about joint vs separate accounts for married couples?  What do you do?  What would you do?  What did you parents do?

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