Welcome to the April 6, 2009 edition the Carnival of Twenty Something Finances, a collection of links from around the personal finance blogosphere.  Today’s theme was inspired by the NCAA Tournament, which comes to a close tonight.  The Final Four are the last four teams remaining in the tournament.  Those teams are the University of Connecticut, Michigan State, Villanova, and the University of North Carolina.  Michigan State and Carolina will be playing in the championship after beating the other two teams on Saturday.Drawing inspiration from these four schools, I will tell you a little about them as we go through the links.

Budgeting & Money Management

For universities and colleges to function and grow, they often rely on incomes from donations.  Donations go to the school’s endowment fund(s).  This money has to be carefully monitored and spent properly.  Here are the current endowment amounts of the schools in the Final Four:
  • UNC:$2.36 billion
  • Villanova:$336 million
  • Michigan State: $1.28 billion
  • UConn: $300 million

As you can see UNC has a dominance in the endowment category.  But it isn’t a matter of how much you have, it’s how well you manage it.

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Credit Cards & Debt Management

Going to college isn’t a cheap experience for anyone.  If you’re like me and lucky enough to have supportive parents (and my dad’s employer) you can graduate without any debt at all.  Villanova is a fantastic and prestigious university, but it’s private school tuition can be a tough pill to swallow.  I went to a public school and go the in-state tuition.  UConn, Michigan State, and UNC are all prestigious public schools, and are known as Public Ivies.  You can avoid a lot of student debt by going to a Public Ivy instead of a private institution.  Here is the cost of tuition at each school for a full year (public school tuition published as in-state).

  • UNC:$3,705
  • Villanova:$38,240
  • Michigan State: $9,330
  • UConn: $7,632

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Want to work on Wall Street?  Probably not these days.  If you did though you probably want to come packing with a strong resume and a good business school degree in tow.  All of the Final Four schools have fantastic undergraduate business schools, all ranking in the top 100.  If you’re looking to get an MBA, UNC has one of the best in the country with the other three not lagging far behind.

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Psychology & Money

In basketball psychology plays a big role in the outcome of a game.  A strong history of performance in sports can go a long way towards establishing the confidence needed to win a game.  UNC and UConn have arguably the strongest histories of basketball among the four schools.  UNC didn’t allow themselves to get cocky though and smartly picked apart Villanova.  UConn on the other hand was caught off guard by a Michigan State team that is not intimidated by such nonsense.  Here are some articles pertaining to psychology and money.

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Real Estate

Real estate is always a big topic in the world of finances, especially these days.  Here’s a look at the amount of land each school owns followed by the best real estate and mortgage articles of the week.

  • UNC: 729 acres
  • Villanova: 254 acres
  • Michigan State: 2,000 acres
  • UConn: 4,266 acres

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And finally what would a carnival be without the articles so good they cant’ be categorized?  These are many times my favorites.  To go with them I’ve including some interesting trvia about the four schools.

  • UNC is the oldest public university in the country.
  • Villanova is one of the most high tech schools in the country, ranked 1st in 2006 and 15th in 2008.
  • Michigan State was the first land-grant university and is the 8th largest school in the country (46,000 students).
  • UConn is virtually self-sufficient with it’s own power plant, water treatment plant, and waste treatment facilities.

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So who am I picking to win tonight?  Though my bracket was thoroughly torn apart, I did pick Carolina to win it all.  I’m sticking with it.

This concludes this of the Carnival of Twenty Something Finances. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Twenty Something Finances using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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