My editor’s choice this week goes to Money Smart Life.  Ben used a tactic I’m fond of comparing two unlike things in order to illustrate a point better.  Ben was able to compare basketball and money.  Since March Madness is finishing up this week, this makes it the perfect editor’s choice.

Here are my other favorite reads from the week:

Studenomics talks about how you can be an entrepreneur while still working in a large company.  I have had some success with this to some degree.

Bad Money Advice pointed to a story that highlighted a 23-year-old, Kelly Evans, that works for the Wall Street Journal. Read through to see what’s wrong with that.

Bargaineering keeps cranking out great posts.  This week Jim has a post about how to beat carnival games, written by an insider.

Here are some carnivals finance carnivals I participated in last week.  They are a great source for the best personal finance links around the web.:

Carnival of Personal Finance – I was at the top of the page for this one as an editor’s choice!
Festival of Frugality
Money Hacks Carnival

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