Holy crap somebody fell for it.

This is the greatest story I’ve read all year.  Not because this woman lost thousands of dollars to the Nigerian scam, not because she’s a flippin’ idiot that should have her right to vote revoked, but because she is from Sweet Home, Oregon.  This is an actual place.

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If you’re from Sweet Home, OR, you never stood a chance in the Nigeria scam.  If you aren’t familiar with this email scam, let me break it down:

I contact you via email claiming to be a Nigerian prince, diplomat, or some other kind of important official.  I say I have millions tied up in a bank account that I can’t get to and need the help of an American in order to access the funds.  Of course by helping me you will be handsomely rewarded with something like 1/3 of the money.  In order to get your help you must transfer me a small amount of money.  I then say I need more giving really good explanations for why.  I continue to string you along getting as much money as I can until you give up.

The scam was one-upped in the case of Janella Spears though.  They contacted her claiming the money belonged to a distant relative named J.B. Spears.

“That’s what got me to believe it,” She said. “So, why wouldn’t you send over $100?”

Why?  Because you don’t know a J.B. Spears, because your husband said it was a scam, because your family said it was a scam, because your bank said it was a scam, because “too good to be true” is ALWAYS the case!  This woman was allowed to vote, she’s allowed to teach CPR, she’s a nursing manager!  Keep me away from her hospital.  Sweet Home, is now Sour Home.

To continue stringing her along the scammers said George Bush, the FBI director, and the United Nations were involved in the transaction.  If the government is involved why do they need $100 from you?  “Official” bank documents from the Bank of Nigeria were sent to her confirming transactions. Of course she didn’t contact the Bank of Nigeria either.  That would be tough considering there is no such institution.

The con-artists strung her along for over two years and duped her not out of $100, or $10,000, or even $50,000.  No, they got $400,000 out of her.  Her husband’s retirement, gone.  Home equity, gone.  She even took a lien out on her car.

Do you understand now why the rest of the world sees us as a bunch of fat, gullible idiots?  Thanks Janella.

Embarrassing in Sweet Home

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