Yesterday we took a dive into the candidates.  On one side we have a young left-wing democrat on the other we have a dusty old war vet that only after winning the primary won the the favor of his fellow Republicans.  The only way we could have greater opposites is to have a bar brawl between Hitler and Golda Meir.  Based on the criteria presented yesterday the decision should be difficult, but in the end it was not.  The choice was simple: Bob Barr.  I wish, but I do need to choose one of the two I actually talked about.

All in all my views are generally aligned with John McCain.  He’s conservative, wants the government out of the way, and understands business.  But I cannot vote for John McCain for a few simple reasons:

John McCain is not a leader.  He’s a Senator, but that is not a leader.  He was in the military, but crashed more than one plane and was held captive.  This is of course terrible, but not a free ticket to having your own library.  I get the vibe from him that he’s still pissed off we lost Vietnam, and his twisted morals don’t allow for our troops to come home losers.  He doesn’t want to admit the troops already dead have basically died for nothing, not to himself or the people.  This means he will throw away more money and more lives in an attempt to keep face.  For that fundamental matter I cannot vote for John McCain in good conscience.  But that isn’t the only reason.

John McCain has a temper.  We’ve all heard about it, and he always looks tense and like he is about to explode.  Say what you want about our past presidents, not many of them look pissed off.  George Bush is relaxed, Clinton is relaxed.  Last president not relaxed?  Nixon.  I don’t want our leader to loose his temper and do something rash.  Bush has made many mistakes, but none of them were out of blind anger.  You would have a beer with him.

John McCain is old, lisps, and doesn’t carry himself.  We’ve had Depression presidents, then Baby Boomers, I don’t want to go back to the Depression presidents.  After 2 terms with Obama, my generation will be able to run for president.  My generation will be in power, I do not want my crazy grandfather (he is crazy) running the country.  I know he is injured, but he walks around like a nerd in high school.  Obama walks around like a jock, and people will be inspired but what he can accomplish with this attitude.

John McCain is a 20th century politician, we’re in the 21st.  His stances on technology mostly date back to the 90s.  I want a president that knows how to search Google, check email, and read my blog.  I do not want someone incapable of these things shaping policy for my country for the next decade.

This means of course the Weakonomics endorsement goes to Barack Obama.  This is essentially based around two things:

Obama has a better chance of bringing troops home from Iraq.  Which is far more important than any other issue, despite what the media or even I might say otherwise.

Obama is a leader the rest of the country can get behind.  We’re in a heap of smelly poo right now, and most people like to rally behind a leader.  We did with JFK and got to the moon.  We can again with Obama and at least get back to a positive savings rate.  So I say Gobama, but he probably won’t stand a chance in 4 years once the Republicans realize what it means to be a Republican again.

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