I do have a few readers from overseas places like Canada, Mexico, and Wyoming so I want to clarify that this is American Football.  I’m talking 350 lbs 6’7″ diabetics pushing eachother around football.  Not your silly game where you actually use your foot.  Just kidding, I love “soccer” and played it quite a bit growing up.

Baseball be damned, football is the best American sport.  This is the case for a few reasons:

Speed – You can actually watch the game without getting bored.  Every play is different, where a strategy changes in the blink of an eye.

childress flipping

Action – The hits, the hits, the hits.  Some may say wearing pads removes all the fun, but I say the opposite.  With your fists are you likely to get into a play fight with your older brother?  No.  With pads on your hands you are, because it won’t hurt as much.  Wearing pads allows the players to hit harder than they normally would.  Needless to say injuries are still more than common.

big football hit

Importance – Every game in the NFL or NCAA for football is important.  In baseball one plays over 150 games, a few losses aren’t important.  In football every game counts (16 for NFL, less for college), making every play count.

Comradery – A long standing tradition is to get together for football games.  Whether its at the game or at a house, Saturday and Sunday parties are a regular event.  It honestly isn’t whether you win or lose, everyone usually leaves these events feeling good, because the experience is fun.  The bonds of friendship and the conversations around the nachos really, and I’m being honest here, bring communities together in a way that stimulates the local economy.

Of course I have my favorite teams.  I’m a die hard fan of the ______s in the NFL and the _______s in college.  Telling you these teams would give away more about my location, which I can’t do.  You’ll survive.  Just know my teams are doing well, and I have high hopes for the college boys.  As a sign of my getting older, I am now older than everyone on my favorite college team.  Oh well, its game time.  Go ______s!

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