The Weakonomist tends to trust the free market’s ability to set prices over time. However some do not share this sentiment and prefer to let the government try and smoothen the bumps as we go. Some insist on government intervention, and I’ll admit they can get things done faster sometimes.

So with that in mind I came up with the top 10 things our government can do to help the economy

10) Cut Spending

DUH! The Bush administration has been on a spending spree. The idea of a conservative is to keep the money in the hands of the people. Bush has made all Republicans look bad.

9) Put Republicans Back in Congress

pelosiAs bad as the GOP has been, the Democratic Congress we have now is pathetic. They were elected to keep Bush in check for the last two years of his office. Lead by Speaker Pelosi, this Congressional session is the most cowardly group of people to ever sit in the nice chairs. Its time to put true conservatives back in Congress as they will likely do battle with a liberal president to really cut spending.

8 ) Loan Industry Reform

This whole credit crisis has shown that the “truth in lending” had its fingers crossed. A couple of new laws that require a bit more disclosure and additional restrictions on mortgage backed securities. Don’t go on a power trip because then you just make it more expensive to get a loan.

7) Balance the Budgetdollar

The economic theory of deficit spending has been very popular since ole Slick Willy was doing naughty things at work. Maybe we was working, but deficit spending wasn’t. We are killing ourselves with this national debt thing. It’s only growing. The theory was great in a PhD’s research paper, but sadly does not apply to our complex economy.

6) Healthcare Reform

No I didn’t say universal healthcare. I’ve already stated I don’t think our government can pull it off. I would like to buy health insurance like I buy car insurance, and let a competitive market bring costs down.

5) Cut Taxes

It sounds familiar, but is not quite the same as number 10. Not only do I want my government to stop spending, I want them to have less income too.

4) End Farm Subsidies

FDR was a great president and all, but this program should have ended with his administration. We were paying farmers to NOT grow food to control prices during the Great Depression. Fine, it worked. But we are still paying BILLIONs every year for them to not grow food. Let the free market set prices.

3) Drill Alaska

Knock-knock. Who’s there? It’s me Alaska and I’ve got that black gold stuff you ordered. If we are supposed to be moving into alternate forms of energy, can we drill Alaska until then? Flood the market (Literally? Why not?) with Alaska oil and keep the prices down until we figure out matter/anti-matter chambers.

2) Stop Earmarking Bills

Now Congressional representatives naturally are elected to voice for their community. Special projects are often necessary, but there are others that just kill our budget. Our elected officials have acquired a bad reputation for throwing in little earmarks for bills. This isn’t fair for those that pay for it. ME!

1) End Iraq War

If you didn’t know this was coming as the #1 then you aren’t allowed to read my site anymore. This war is costing lives and money. Money that should be cut from the budget and put back in our pockets. Sorry Iraq, we made a mess. We’d stay longer and try and clean up, but we might just make it worse. Keep the embassy, we’re sorry, we don’t know what idiot thought that was a good idea.

iraq embassy

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