We are trying a new segment on Weakonomics.com. Announcing the College of Weakonomics. Along with the daily blog, we will include an educational post at in determinant times. At the top of the page there will always be a button called “College of Weakonomics” In that button there will be a listing of all the ‘courses’ currently published with links and a listing of classes yet to be published. They will be no longer than a normal blog posting, but there may be followups from time to time. For example WKN 180 is an introduction to the Federal Reserve Banking System. This is a 3 part series, but we might come back to the subject in a few months and add new information. They will always look like blogs but the courses can be found in the College of Weakonomics page.  I will eventually put in a button on the site for the college, I just haven’t figured out what to do.  Suggestions are welcomed.

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